Stripper Tips From a Sales Person’s Point of View

It has been said several times that strippers are the best sales persons in the world. Becoming a stripper is more than just taking your clothes off for money. It is more than just seducing your customers so they’ll buy a dance from you. Stripping, more than anything else is a job of persuasion. Just like a salesman, a high-earning stripper is one who knows how to do the sales talk. Here are a few sales tips on how you can become a high-earning stripper from a sales person’s point of view:

  • Provide value to your customers. You can do this by becoming the best stripper in the club. Take care of yourself. Invest on good makeup and costumes. Don’t forget also to provide them the best quality service you can offer.
  • Know your customers. Before you can actually persuade your customers to spend money on you, you first need to know them personally so you will know how to handle them. Get to know your customer. Learn about his spending habits and everything that you need to learn from him.
  • Upsell yourself. When you see that your customer is already having a good time and is enjoying your company, offer more lap dances or invite him to a private dance.
  • Give sincere compliments. Your customers know when you are faking a compliment. Give compliments and mean it! The more comfortable your customer is with you, the more he will open up and the greater the possibility is that he is going to spend money on you.
  • Be a good conversationalist. This does not mean that you’ll do all the talking. It is also important to become a good listener. People love strippers who know how to pay attention. Believe me; they’ll pay more money for your time.
  • Target customers who have great potentials to provide you sales. Ask around about a particular customer. Spend more time with guys who are likely to spend the most money.
  • Keep an eye over your competition. Do your best to be better than the other girls by continuously becoming the best exotic dancer in the club you are working for. Working hard is always the key to earning good money from exotic dancing.
  • There will be times when you will be rejected by a customer but a stripper who knows how to earn good money knows that if you want to succeed, you need to be persistent. If at first you are rejected, know the reason why and try to use several techniques to make him open up to you.

Becoming a successful exotic dancer or stripper is easy when you know how to work your way to the top. Experience is the best teacher so learn from it. Become a stripper and work hard!