What Never to Test in Your Sales Letters and Ads


The marketer’s favorite answer to any question.

What color headline do you use?


Where do you put the opt-in box on the page?


How many order links should be in the ad?


What is the capital of Nebraska?


Hey, I have NOTHING against testing. I actually love testing things and believe everyone should do it (and as often as possible — especially since it’s so easy on the Internet).

However, there are some things you cannot test — no matter how sophisticated Google’s newest brain fart is. Things that can have a HUGE impact on your sales.

What I’m talking about is the “intangible” stuff.

The “supernatural” parts of marketing you can’t see, touch, feel, smell or hear (much less test).

And you know what?

If you start focusing on these intangibles, you will almost always see a dramatic bump in sales — without testing a single word of your copy.

For example, here’s what I mean by the intangibles:

  • Personal branding (not corporate branding, **personal** branding — how people think and feel about YOU personally)
  • Bonding with your list & customers (so they come to feel like they really know you)
  • Keeping your list familiar with you and your patterns (i.e. frequency & consistency of contact)
  • Positioning in your market
  • Personality (that both attracts and repels)
  • Etc.

Anyway, I know this stuff is “touchy feely.” And much of them overlap with each other. But they can make a BIG difference in sales over time.
Focus on them, and you can’t help but see major improvement.