Using Conference Calls to Stay Connected With Your Sales Associates

If you work in any type of sales, then you know how important communication can be. Many companies that hire sales associates very seldom physically meet with their sales representatives. Much of the communication is done over the phone or the internet. But in cases where training is necessary or a new product needs to be discussed a physical meeting may be necessary.

You could be like some sales businesses and make all of your sales associates find the time to get together for a meeting, or you could find a way to make it easier for everyone, including yourself. Conference calling is a great way to turn physical meetings into virtual meetings, so everyone can find time to attend. And there are three ways you can best use conference calling to stay connected with all of your sales associates.

1. Allow Flexibility in Conference Times – One thing about working in sales is sales associates have to be ready to meet with potential buyers on their time. This can make it difficult to have anything that resembles a normal schedule, and making it to meetings is often difficult. When managers schedule in-office meetings, there are probably many times when certain associates cannot show up.

Situations such as these can be avoided with conference call meetings because they offer so much flexibility. Whereas it may be difficult to hold off a meeting until everybody is in the same room, it is much more acceptable when holding meetings through conference calls.

2. Inform All Associates of Changes – Many changes can occur regarding certain products or services that associates should be informed of as soon as possible. In many cases managers will have to call and inform each associate individually which can be tedious and costly.

With a single simple email or text, every associate in a sales business can be informed of an upcoming conference call, setup at the last minute. This way everybody will have the information they need without taking much time away from work or leisure.

3. Make Time to Hold Monthly Instead of Weekly Meetings – Sales associate meetings can be held more often when conducted through conference calls. Many companies hold meetings once a month because of time constraints, but with more time there can be more meetings. And more meetings will mean better informed associates and managers.

There are many things in sales that would benefit from being discussed about more often, and in the end more meetings could mean a bigger bottom line and happier associates. Conference call meetings allow for more meetings and more up-to-date information.

Conference calling services are good for so many things and using them can lead to making more money for your business. Once you start using this useful tool, you may be able to increase your bottom line too.