Use These 10 Most Powerful & Persuasive Words, Add Teeth to Your Sales Copy

Writing a copy that helps you to sale something easily and quickly is not something new but it’s not easy as well.

Even experienced copywriters sometimes struggle to write killer sales copies because it’s not easy to convince somebody to spend money and get services or products from you.

In such a scenario, how to persuade your prospects and customers to do what you want to do?

Well, use powerful and persuasive words that inspire and trigger the ’emotional trigger’ in your target group.

Nurse new sales ideas. Figure out what clicks now and what doesn’t.

What may have worked earlier may not necessarily work similarly today.

Be good at human psychology. Make your prospects imagine a better situation if they use what you could be trying to sale.

Coming back to the magic words, tried & tested powerful and persuasive words–such as LIMITED & FREE–hook your readers and prospects, and improve your sales instantly.

A quick look at 10 such most powerful and persuasive words!

1. You: By and large, we are selfish by nature, and are more concerned about our interests and well-being. If somebody talks about us and our interests, our curiosity multiplies. And, we listen to what he could be saying. So, use the word ‘YOU’ in your sales copy. It will weave magic.
2. Imagine: Inspire your prospects and readers to imagine a beautiful and better world with the word ‘IMAGINE’. When you ask them to imagine, a picture unfolds before their eyes–that of something better and improved.
3. Now: The word ‘NOW’ creates a sense of urgency and inspires your readers and prospects to act fast, lest they miss the bus.
4. Instantly: Yet another powerful & persuasive word ‘INSTANTLY’ promises your target group that they will benefit without any further delays. And, who doesn’t want to get help instantly?
5. New: People love new stuffs and services for their novelty factor. Hence, use the word ‘NEW’ in your sales copy to hook and inspire those who matter for your business.
6. Free: ‘FREE’, perhaps the most powerful and persuasive word, at once grabs the attention of your prospects and readers. It tells them they don’t have to spend anything to get a good offer, or they would get some useful stuff absolutely free with a product or service.
7. Because: Human beings get easily convinced if they are presented with a reasoning. Words such as ‘BECAUSE’ help you in this aspect. It helps you drive your business message home in the best possible manner.
8. Limited: Effective words such as ‘LIMITED’ triggers a strong emotional response from your readers and prospects. They worry that if they don’t buy or use what could be on offer fast, the stock will get exhausted. And, no one likes to miss out on something irresistible, right?
9. Money: Money Makes Merry Go Round. Money is the magnet that attracts all living and breathing souls on this earth. So, why not use the word ‘MONEY’ in your sales copy and hook your readers and prospects from the word go?
10. Improve: We all have our pain points, want to get relief and improve our situation. So, use the word ‘IMPROVE’ in your sales copy, at least once, to inform your target group that they will improve their situation if they use or buy your products and/or services.

Summing-up, use these 10 most effective and persuasive words to not only write killer sales copies but also improve your sales and make more money instantly.
P.S. Check the copy carefully. You will find these 10 magic words at several important places.