The Importance Of Branding Your Network Marketing/MLM Business

This could be the one piece of information that could change your perception of how to succeed in business for the rest of time. Understanding what I’m about to tell you could radically open your mind to the new concepts and strategies for business today:

Your prospects trust you and listen to you, not your business opportunity, company or compensation plan.

Think about that a moment – If someone you know and respect, like a good friend, raves about a great movie to you and recommends you should go and see it, normally you accept what they are saying and are very happy to take their advice and see that movie. You don’t feel the inner heightened compulsion to go and watch that movie because you trust the movie production company or box office, or billboard poster. Sure, advertising helps make you aware of a movie but your decision is best made from being told by a well respected friend.

Well my friends, your network marketing/MLM business is exactly the same. You absolutely must brand yourself as an individual entity, and as a good friend who knows where your prospect is from, as distinct from the company. When you talk to your prospects about your business, either in person, by email or by video, your prospect is deciding whether to trust you or not. They look up to you to decide whether they have the belief that they can succeed or not. Think about it, how many times has someone said to you about your network marketing business, or would have been likely to say to you: “Oh, I know so and so who tried that 10 years ago and failed, they lost money, blah blah. That business doesn’t work,” etc… Now this prospect has an “image” problem with that particular company but that’s their own perception. Really the person they knew that failed, failed because of a lack of understanding, commitment, or one or more of many other reasons.

Now think, if you had the “Joe Smith success bootcamp which guarantees results in 90 days if you commit to all the instructions”, doesn’t this sound so much more appealing and credible? The power of branding yourself as a business is priceless, literally.

Jonathan Budd, a very wise and successful network marketing entrepreneur has had some absolutely ingenious ideas to expand his network marketing/MLM business and this is someone I highly regard who has potentially changed the course of online marketing forever.

I know you are someone who is really desperate to find success in what you’re doing, otherwise you wouldn’t have come this far in you quest. It is my solemn commitment to help as many other people succeed as possible in whichever way I can.