Tandem Skydiving – What You Need to Know

If you are looking into going skydiving then you may want to start out with tandem skydiving. It is the most inexpensive and popular type of skydiving for those new to the sport and it is also extremely fun too. There is nothing more exciting than jumping out of that plane for the first time, thousands of feet above the ground. Your heart races and then when you are freefalling for sixty seconds you will truly feel like you are flying. As soon as you pull the ripcord you have roughly around four minutes to enjoy the view as you glide back down to earth.

The Process of Tandem Jumping

Before you actually take part in a tandem jump, you have to first meet your tandem master at the drop zone. All tandem masters in America are trained to a high standard and they should be certified by the USPA.

Once you meet your tandem master they will guide you through what will be happening throughout the jump and this takes roughly around thirty minutes. It is essential that you go through everything for your own safety as they teach you how to use the equipment Fallschirmsprung properly. Once you have gone through the safety instructions and the full thirty minutes preparation, it is then time to get on board the plane and your tandem master will go over any last minute instructions which are needed.

When the plane reaches the right altitude and it is on course to the jumping spot, the pilot will let you know. Once you do know that you are reaching the jumping spot that is when your heart really starts to race. Your tandem master should now tell you to get up, turn around and they will then go on to tighten and fasten all straps, as well as secure somebody else to you. That is the best thing about a tandem jump – somebody else is right there with you just in case anything goes wrong.

The door is now opened and you get to see exactly what you are jumping into. Don’t worry though as you do not have much time to think about anything as the person behind you thrusts the both of you into the air. You do not have to think about anything whilst you are falling as the person strapped to you will do all of the hard work. All you have to do is enjoy the fall. Once the ripcord is pulled the straps will feel tighter around you but you will have an amazing feeling of stopping still in the air as you float slightly back up, before slowly gliding back down.

It is the glide back down to earth which many skydivers always remember. The view is absolutely breathtaking and when you land, you will be surprised at just how lightly you do it.

Overall tandem skydiving is an experience not to be missed by the beginner. It is cheap, easy, safe and it provides you with an amazing experience which you will never forget.

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