RV Sales Training – I Have to Talk it Over With Objection

When you hear the words “I have to talk this over with…” you realize you may have done something wrong. You didn’t qualify the prospect very well, did you? OK, what do you do now?

When others need to approve the deal, besides qualifying the buyer better, you must take four action steps.

1. Get the prospect’s approval.
2. Get on the prospect’s side.
3. Arrange a meeting with the other decision maker.
4. Make your entire presentation again.

If you think you can get around these steps, think again. It’s obvious you’re looking for shortcuts, or you would have properly qualified the buyer in the first place. If you would have just asked, “Is there anyone else who will be making the decision with you?” this whole mess wouldn’t be taking place.

Back to the reality of the four steps.

1. Get the prospect’s personal approval
” Mr. Jones, if it was just you, and you didn’t need to confer with anyone else, would you be considering purchasing this vehicle today?” (the prospect will almost always say yes). I ask. “Does this mean you’ll recommend our vehicle to the other decision makers?”

Now go through a checklist that seems a little redundant, but you want to uncover any areas of doubt. So ask…

o Is the price ok?
o Is the right RV?
o Is our service ok?
o Is our company ok?
o Am I ok?
o What doubts do I have?
o Do you like it well enough to own it?

2. Get on the prospect’s side
Begin to talk in terms of we and us. By getting the prospect on your side of the sale, you can now get on the side of the other decision maker.

o What do WE have to do?
o When can WE get the other decision maker together? It’s important that I am present because I’m sure they’ll have questions that they will want answers to.
o Tell me a little bit about the other decision maker (write down every characteristic and personality trait).

3. Arrange a meeting with all deciders
Do it any way you have to. Leave several alternative open times from your date book. Use the alternatives as a reason to get back and solidify your meeting with all involved.

4. Make your entire presentation again
You only have to do this if you want to make the sale. Otherwise just leave it to the prospect. He thinks he can handle it, and will try his best to convince you of that.

The best way for you to make this (or any) sale is to be in control of the situation. If you make the mistake of letting your prospect become a salesperson on your behalf, (goes to the partner instead of you) you may very well lose the sale.

An alternative method…

Ask the prospect if he’s sure the other decision maker will want to do the deal. If the prospect says “Yes, I’m sure.” You say, “Great! Why not just approve the purchase now (sign the deal) and get their approval. If you call me tomorrow and tell me “no” I’ll tear up the purchase agreement. Fair enough?

You can avoid and prevent this objection with three words…

Qualify the buyer!

The “I have to talk this over with…” scenario may also be a stall. The buyer may be giving you the brush off for other reasons — those are the real reason(s) for him or her not purchasing now. Try one question that gets to the real issue.

“Is there a reason you’re putting me off? Did I offend you in any way?”

Try and get to the truth. In that truth lies the answer to your sale. And if you can get to that truth, the answer will be YES.