Personalized Chocolates – Branding to Spur Emotions

In order to succeed in a market place advertising needs to be clever. It is not enough to simply present the product to somebody; you have to make them want the product also. There are many methods for advertising and brand building, one crucial technique is the generation of emotion. If the advertising of a product draws on the emotion of the subject then you are on to a winner.

Emotional response in advertising has 2 main benefits that help the campaign. Firstly the emotions that are felt when seeing the advertising are subconsciously transferred on to the brand; this shapes the perspective of the brand itself. Say for instance you hear your favorite song while seeing a certain product. The “feel good” feeling the song creates is also applied to the actual product itself. The second benefit the emotional response has is the engagement of the audience and memorability. We can all think of some famous music to some television adverts we may have seen, British Airways or Coke perhaps.

In fact for the last 10 year top experts have reported that the emotional content of advertising is more powerful than anything else. When it comes to the buying process it is emotions that control the deciding factor more than anything else. We are at the end of the day governed by our emotions. For big advertising campaign, employing the top experts in the industry, buying rights to use a certain theme tune or celebrity endorsement can be costly. Not all companies can afford such exposure.

There are other ways to move the emotion in your target audience, and this technique has been proven effective time and time again – The giving away of personalised gifts. The merchandise industry is bigger than ever before since the method of advertising is so effective. The reason for the success is that everybody loves a freebie. It is the gift that moves the emotion in the candidate and that emotion is passed on to the logo that is printed on the item. That company is thus perceived differently than it would have normally been.

Perhaps the most effective of promotional items for the movement of emotions are personalized chocolates. Chocolate itself is a mood elevator and it is used by millions everyday for this purpose. On eating chocolate many people report that there mood is better.

Personalized chocolates are branded with a company’s logo. There are many different ways this can be done, either directly on the chocolate itself, or on the wrapper. There are many different types of personalized chocolate options on the market, either individual bite-sized or gift boxes; luxury or budget. You can even have a bespoke mould created for shapes built entirely of chocolate, perhaps for a company logo or mascot.

When the candidate receives the chocolate it is their emotions that are moved, thus the most successful tactic of advertising is achieved with this promotional method. This makes personalized chocolates one of the most successful giveaway items in promotional merchandise.