People Are Your Greatest Business Asset

I’ve always been very independent. From the day I was born (according to my mom), I’ve had no fear. I tend to plunge into projects before I even really know how I’ll actually make them happen. It has taught me to be brave, which is great. Unfortunately, it has also taught me to be somewhat of a loner because (blessedly) most people don’t work at the pace or with the same energy I do. That’s why, when I started my company almost 7 years ago, I pretty much did “it all” by myself. I was a one woman show.

Once the company grew to a point where it was humanly impossible for one person to run it all alone, I had to bring on support staff to help with that. What that meant for me was that I had to learn to let go and “give” part of my projects, tasks, dreams, even trust to other people. In the beginning of this process, I was a horrible micro manager. Turning things over was hard. It took a long time to trust that someone else could handle delegated tasks without me. What I’ve come to realize over the past several years is that the people on my support staff are, hands down, my most valuable business asset. They are committed to my business and my success and they make me look good every day. That value to me is priceless. Realizing that has made me take better care of them and make sure they know how important they are to me often.

You’re an independent contractor. As a direct seller, you work alone. Except, if you’ve been doing this for any time at all, you know you don’t. Your business is more dependent on others than mine is. You depend on your hosts to partner with you to create successful parties. You depend on the passion your guests have for your products. And if you’re a leader, you depend on your downline, quite literally, for your income.

So ask yourself today, “What do I do, on a consistent basis, to take care of my most valuable commodity?”

  • Are you thanking your hosts before, during, and after their parties?
  • Are you appreciating your guests by providing them with an experience that’s fun and fulfilling at your parties?
  • Do you create a team for your downline that supports their growth and learning continually?

I promise you, as you shift your focus from what you are doing on your own and focus on how you can impact and support the human commodity in your business, everything you’ve dreamed your direct sales business could ever be will begin to unfold for you.