Online Executive Branding – From A Career Coach

What is your brand? This is a very common question these days since branding has become such a hot topic, not just for companies, but for individuals.

With the advent of social media, branding for executives has entered a new arena. In the midst of a competitive job market, online branding is a very effective way for executives to convey to potential employers what is unique about them and what they bring to the table.

Here is some practical advice for executives who want to promote their brands positively:

Identify your unique qualities that set you apart from others in your field. One way to do this is to review what others have said about you over the years. No doubt you will start to see some repetition as you do this. Maybe you are known as a turnaround specialist, having entered underperforming companies or departments and returned them to financial solvency in a short period of time. Or maybe you are recognized as a sales leader, identifying new markets and seizing the opportunity to increase market share.

Determine what you want to be known for. After you have identified your unique qualities (there may be several), think about which ones you really want to market to a potential employer. There is no point in emphasizing skills that you no longer want to use.

Select a few social media sites that you plan to be involved in for the foreseeable future. You will spread yourself too thin if you try to become involved in too many different sites. My suggestion is that you choose the top three for job seekers: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This will keep your online involvement manageable.

Interact on different social media sites with your brand in view. In other words, as you answer questions, tweet, or post news articles, think to yourself, “Does this promote my brand?” If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider before you post something that is off the mark.

Your profiles should promote and reinforce your brand. Your professional headline should summarize the essence of your brand succinctly. Your picture should reflect your brand. Any videos, blog posts, or documents attached to your profile should be part of your branding strategy.

By following these tips you can attract employers who are interested in your unique brand.