Nurture Your Brand and Grow More Business

Is your brand alive? I ask that because most companies operate as if their company or product brand was some fixed, static concept in their customer’s mind. They may feel they already “own” a position in their customer’s mind such as the quality producer, or the price leader, or the supreme service provider — and that may be true. But what many business owners don’t realize, is that a brand is actually a living, fluid perception… one that fluctuates from day to day. In essence, it’s more of an evolving, growing entity than a fixed and static “thing”. So if branding is living, dynamic and vital, what are you doing to nourish and grow it? And when I say nourish, I’m talking about monitoring, tending, caring and watching over it. Sounds a bit crazy? Read on.

A few years ago, Apple was known as an innovative computer maker. Now they are arguably more associated with music and video thanks to the popularity of iTunes and the iPod. So where does that put the Apple brand in the consumers mind? Are they still a computer company selling hardware? A software company? A music service? The truth is that their image/brand/reputation, is undergoing a significant change; and to keep operating as if they were just a computer manufacturer with a popular new offshoot product would be a mistake.

I heard a speaker at an executive leadership meeting share that 40{cab19ad47a04457a33f1142c065ddf840a097fdd0e7408211ca1f6540bc7ad18} of an average company’s revenue would be coming from a completely new source in five years. That amazed me. It speaks to the constant change that takes place in every business. And because we get so caught up in the day-to-day grind, we often miss those slowly emerging trends.

Take a few moments this week and look at your company image as if you were your brand’s “gardener”. Are you still in the same business that your started in? Have there been any changes in your products or services or pricing or quality that needs to be communicated in your marketing, your tag line, or your name? If you were Apple, would you just keep advertising computers… or would you present yourself as the doorway to a digital lifestyle? If Burlington Coat Factory is “More Than Just Coats” why not say what that means? If Southeast Airlines flies all over the U.S. then why keep a name that’s so narrow? When Abacus Computers came to us as a leading point-of-sale provider to the restaurant industry, it was apparent they weren’t computer salespeople any longer. They were solution providers. Abacus Computers is now Abacus Business Solutions with the tag line “You can count on us”.

So take some time this week and do some image pruning. Add some Miracle-Gro®, (and perhaps even some weed killer for those outdated names and products). Then sit back and watch your brand, and your business, continue to thrive.