Multi Level Marketing Vs Top Tier Direct Sales Business Model

In this article I am going to talk about the differences between your MLM Business and the Top Tier Direct Sales Business. MLM or network marketing was once a fantastic business model where the average person could stand to earn a substantial amount of income known as residual income. This generally, however, would take 2-5 years to build up to a significant income.

However, the internet has killed traditional MLM as we know it and there isn’t anything we can do about it. It now takes generally a lot longer to build a residual income due to constant attrition because of the endless amount of opportunities on the internet of pre-launches and the next greatest thing all promising to make you thousands if you get in quick. Before the internet, there was a buffer zone where people built relationships and created loyalty within companies, but nowadays you could be sitting pretty on top of your organization earning $40.000 a month, when BAM out of the blue one of your leaders decides to join another company – sends out a quick e-mail and your check disintegrates to nothing overnight.

The top tier Direct Sales business model is much more lucrative for the person actually doing the work and it can generate a five figure monthly income within your first 6 months, almost unheard of in traditional MLM. It generally attracts a more serious entrepreneur due to the fact that the entry level cost is higher, but with that brings a much more rewarding commission structure that pays you $1000, $5000 and up to $10,000 commissions on each and every sale. So, regardless of whether you new recruit decides to fly the coup you are earning a substantial income on the work you do each month and then you also earn a substantial residual income on your first level. This amount can add up to well over $100,000 a month very quickly by simply just signing up 2 people a week.

Because of the very nature of the top tier direct sales business it attracts quality leaders into your business and you are no longer required to hand hold people and spend all your time training and going over the same old information. Generally the training and the closing of the sales is done by the top earners in the company, allowing a level playing field for the new person getting started.

It is very rare for more than 1 in 1000 people to really succeed in MLM because most simply run out of money, time and energy building their downline and trying to duplicate that effort. It makes complete sense that for the same amount of effort you can make significantly more money from each sale as opposed to relying on thousands of people in your downline to get to work for you.