Marine Grade Okinawa Coral Calcium – Better Than Other Grades of Coral Calcium?

The short answer is yes. Marine grade Okinawa coral calcium is better than other grades of coral calcium. Marine grade coral calcium is the natural organic coral grains, totally pure and free from impurities. Other grades are land grade, mountain grade, and beach grade paper writer service

Supplement products made with marine grade Okinawa coral calcium are the most effective. They help in overcoming calcium deficiency fairly quickly and also provide many other health benefits which other low-quality calcium supplements do not.

The name Okinawa is of special interest in this regard. For those who don’t know, Okinawa is an island in Japan known for the marine coral calcium obtained from its tidal basins. This coral calcium not only contains calcium carbonate, but also magnesium in just the right ratio.

Typically, marine grade Okinawa coral calcium is divided into two types: CCP and SMP. Both are effective in their own nature, but SMP coral calcium has been found to be the most effective of all calcium salts. CCP stands for Coral Calcium Powder and it contains calcium to magnesium in a ratio of about 35:4. This is an ideal percentage of both minerals which can be obtained from naturally occurring substances.

SMP stands for Sango Mineral Powder and by far it is the most beneficial compound used in making calcium supplements. High-quality calcium supplements, whether liquid or in tablet form, are a bit more expensive than other supplements because of the reason that they use the highest quality marine grade Okinawa coral calcium.

Calcium supplements made with Okinawan coral calcium are now available on the market. Some of them make use of other minerals and vitamins as well to improve their quality and overall effectiveness. People who have used these supplements are totally satisfied with their performance and want to continue using them for a long time to come.

These supplements not only help in overcoming calcium deficiency but also prevent many degenerative diseases and other health conditions like depression, obesity, kidney stones, gallstones, colon cancer, muscle cramps, frequent headaches, fatigue and yellowness of teeth.

Normally doctors advise consuming 500 – 1000 mg of calcium from calcium tablets. In some cases when calcium deficiency is severe, this dosage can be increased to 2000 mg. However, more than 2500 mg of calcium should not be consumed in a single day as it may cause other complications and abnormally high level of calcium in the blood which is also dangerous for health.

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