Internet Marketing Methods – Personal Branding Strategies

In this article, we discuss the most important consideration in attraction/internet marketing. The most critical component of attraction marketing is branding. This is, in fact, where most people in network marketing, agent programs, and even employees make a crucial mistake. It’s not about your ego, but you must become the leader that others will want to follow. Regardless, the key element in this strategy is creating and promoting the most important brand on the planet, which is absolutely critical to your success: “You, Inc.”

There are quite a endless number of options to consider in personal branding. We recommend starting with the basics, however. Although this may seem to be, and is, about self promotion, there is nothing immoral, illegal, or fattening about personal branding. If you understand that someone has to be your advocate, who better than doing it yourself? If you believe in yourself, it should make sense. It is up to you and solely your responsibility. And though it may seem to be selfish to seek your own gain, remember that limiting yourself hurts not only you, but those you’d like to help and can’t if you don’t take action A mentor once explained to me that the most selfish person on the planet is the the one who “chooses” a mediocre life, unable to serve others in need.

Hopefully, a personal branding strategy is something that you are comfortable with, and if so, what are its essentials? One obvious key is a fundamental belief in your own abilities and worth as an individual. For most, this may seem strange to consider, but it is the key to branding. Beyond that, here are a few strategies to consider in your own attraction marketing and personal branding campaign:

* Construct a blog. For most, it is best to use your own name, e.g., Jim This approach is best for most entrepreneurs, consultants, and even employees. If possible, establish your presence and domain “dot” com.

* Social Media strategy. These days, nearly everyone has their personal Facebook page, although this usually isn’t about “branding.” Instead, Facebook includes the concept of a “fan” page to improve your “celebrity” status and resulting brand.

* Become an author. You should seek out opportunities to contribute articles to local and even national publications and news outlets. There is no difference between you and the “expert” who is published and/or seen in local and/or national media. They don’t know any more than you do. Truly take the “high road” to celebrity status because it’s your destiny and not for personal “glory.”

* Volunteer in local community groups as a speaker; join those with which you feel an affinity. Local Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions, etc. are continually in need of speakers for their weekly meetings and agendas. If you like a certain group, join and volunteer to contribute and/or lead.

Step up to the necessary involvement and take action to establish your brand. You’ll find it to be a rewarding experience if you take on the challenge. As one of my mentors, Dr. Ivan Misner, teaches: “Givers Gain.” Step up to this challenge, establish your own “brand” and begin contributing at a higher level, while simultaneously.