Increasing Sales for Truck Wash Businesses

Many people in the truck wash business find at some point that their sales no longer continue to grow but rather stagnate and he eventually fall off. There are many reasons for this but the biggest reason is due to attrition and the fact that there are only so many companies you can wash for.

There are also cycles in the economy or the transportation sector is building and the economy is booming and then there are down turns in that sector. Nevertheless it is possible to constantly increased sales in an up or down economy. In a down economy companies are willing to discuss truck washing in order to save money. It costs trucking companies much more money to do it themselves then for a truck wash to do it for them.

Additionally for driver retention clean trucks help keep your drivers happy. When the economy is booming there are plenty of companies that wish to promote their image in the marketplace and have their trucks cleaned.

To increase the sales for a truck wash business the most important thing to do is to look to alternative markets such as school buses, garbage trucks and local delivery companies. You’ll have to promise them that you can get them in and out quickly and give them priority in an extra bay at your truck wash because they are local companies.

This is not hard to do especially if they are smaller vehicles and your truck customers will understand. You can increase sales for your truck wash business no matter what the economy is doing and you owe it to your bottom line to do this. Please consider this in 2006.