If You Are Looking to Grow Your Business – Look No Further Than a Simple Sales Letter

Businesses spend an inordinate amount of time chasing fancy marketing campaigns, award-winning print ads and postcards, and commercials that make us laugh and cry. However, where does it all lead? None of these usually entice the viewer to take action and nine times out of ten they are ignored completely as background noise. Why not take the conversation to a one-on-one level instead. Read on to find out how your business can benefit from selling with a sales letter instead of traditional media marketing.

What is the purpose of your current advertising right now? Are you trying to “cut through the clutter?” Are you trying to “get your name out there?” Are you trying to “generate buzz” about your company? These are all common answers that business owners give when they do not have a clear intention for their marketing. The whole point of being in business is to sell stuff for more than it costs us to make it. So why not try and sell more stuff instead?

Here enters the sales letter. Traditional belly-to-belly sales is the highest closing method you can use, but this method requires you to multiply your efforts with more sales staff every time you want to grow. Well, what if you could do the next best thing, but all you had to do was to mail more letters or send out more email? This is how the sales letter works. You create a sales conversation in print, directed at one person at a time. By doing this you can easily multiply your efforts without having to hire anyone. You just print off more copies or the letter and buy more stamps every time you want to grow your business.

Once you have the customer’s attention with your headline or lead, you begin the sales conversation, showing the customer what life is like before and after owning your product or service. You will write in the language that your reader expects to hear, so that the process is smooth and transparent. You will send more than one sales letter in measured increments so that you can slowly build the conversation in the prospect’s mind, and eventually they will convince themselves that your product is what you need to solve their problem.

Once you have written your sales letter, you will need to test it in a small segment of your market before you roll it out to your entire customer list. You can tweak small things about the letter, change its entire feel and drastically increase your conversion. Test one thing at a time and keep mailing until your customer dies or tells you to stop. The sales letter will do all the work and you can sit back and watch the business come in.