How to Write Sales Copy Like a Professional Copywriter

As you probably know, good sales copy is an art. With so many variables which turn prospects into paying customers, it’s quite a feat to get a perfect balance of them all.

The ability to do this often requires years of study in selling, sales psychology and human psychology. This gives a good copywriter a series of skills which enables them to write sales copy which works well, and sells well, every time.

Now you can learn these for yourself. There are 3 major skills which all good copywriters should know. This article will explain these skills and enable you to write web copy which brings in hefty sales.

Lets get started.

1). Seeing the copy from the perspective of a visitor, not a business owner

Almost every business owner makes this mistake when it comes to writing copy. They write the sales text based on what they think, what they know and what they believe will make them interested.

The result is sales copy which looks great to the business owner, but doesn’t convert anyone into customers.

Visitors usually know a lot less than you think they do so you must get across ALL pieces of information. Prospects will also respond to different benefits which your products/services give them, so you must find out what these benefits are.

Any professional copywriter has a knack for understanding the benefits which create the most interest and urge to buy what you’re selling.

2). Understanding that people buy with emotion

It’s emotion-based selling which creates that feeling in your gut. That urge to buy something you really want. Features (factual information) are used to justify these feelings so your brain decides, by an overwhelming majority, that you should buy it.

Emotions are created through benefits. Telling the prospect what kind of benefits they will receive, making them realise how great and useful your product/service is.

You must research the most sought after benefits, then include them in all of your sales copy, often multiple times.

3). Writing copy which is about them, not you.

You could have the first two points nailed but if no one reads your copy, then it’s useless isn’t it?

The only way to stop someone getting bored is to talk about them. If your copy talks only about yourself, then why should they care?

When you write sales copy it must be about them. Your copy should say what you will do for them, how you will do it for them, and what benefits you will give them.

‘Me’ and ‘our’ should appear nowhere near as many times as ‘you’ and ‘yours’.

This makes visitors much more likely to read your copy and get hooked. Once they see that you’re talking about them, they won’t be able to resist the overwhelming curiosity to find out what you have to say.