How To Make Sure Your Staff Get The Best Sales Training Possible

There are many factors that collaborate to make a successful company: a happy and fulfilled workforce, good working relationships and a strong team ethos. These are among many features that are often portrayed as having major benefits, yet all these wonderful attributes are a complete waste of time if a business is losing money due to poor sales strategies.

Sale straining could be just the boost your staff need to empower them in the marketplace. Using powerful selling skills to engage customers is nothing new, but businesses looking for performance enhancing instruction need to ensure that the course they choose for their staff is both relevant and professional.

Is the provider flexible enough to accommodate your operation?
A good training provider will perform an initial assessment of your team. It’s often the case that sales representatives come ready armed with great techniques that just require some form of refinement. Just a nudge here or there in the right direction can, at times, be all it takes to transform a good sales person into an outstanding one. Groups and individuals respond differently to various teaching methods and trainees usually respond better when the activities are made fun and accessible. Interaction and participation helps people to grasp ideas; information that is often lost when the same points are presented by means of a dull lecture or seminar.

Is the provider London based?
Will that be a problem? If so, ensure the training company is willing to meet you at your own place of business. A worthy training provider will clearly understand the importance of in-house practicalities and should be more than happy to work around you. A sales training London based company should have no issues with delivering their services to wider locations as required by the customer.

Does the company specialise in different areas of selling?
Most sales pitches are delivered in three ways: either by face to face contact, telephone communication, or by means of an exhibition like the ones held at large venues up and down the country. It is important that any training undertaken by your staff is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and also takes into account the actual product or service you are selling.

Is Telesales Training covered?
Quite often sales are generated through the medium of the telephone. Since the emergence of selling in this way, telesales training has become a must have element in any serious course portfolio. You don’t have to be an expert in telesales to know how annoying it is when you pick up the phone only to be greeted by a cold caller who is obviously working from a well rehearsed script.

A person skilled in the area of telephone selling, however, will modify their approach to suit each individual customer throughout the duration of the call. This concept will almost certainly have been introduced to the salesperson on a previous course.

The area(s) usually addressed in telesales training are:

• Call introduction
• Overcoming the initial response
• How to question effectively
• Overcoming obstacles
• Landing the sale

Always choose a company that is experienced enough to teach selling skills to engage customers. Check how long the company has been operating and, above all, verify that the staff themselves have genuine experience of selling products in the real world.