How To Choose A Granite Colour

One of the main reasons that makes granite such a popular choice for paving applications both inside and outside the home is the fact that it comes in a much wider variety of colours than most other stones. This enables designers and homeowners to match granite to lakeland countertops the existing d├ęcor and style of a room or property, adding to its aesthetic value. Granite is a highly popular choice for use in kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, flooring and fireplaces.

Even though granite is commonly chosen for the wide array of colours it is available in, the large amount of choices can often make it difficult for a designer or homeowner to settle on just one. Currently, granite is available in:


  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green


And then there are the subtle (or not so subtle) variations on each of those colours, so you can see why the decision is so hard! Granite that is black or blue tends to be the most popular (and the prices certainly reflect this), but there is no reason that you shouldn’t choose one of the other shades.

The first step in choosing a colour of granite for your home is to go to a local supplier or the one that you have chosen to supply your stone and get samples of each of the colours (including the variations) that they stock. Take these samples home and compare each one with the other features of the room or the space to see which granite colour will work best. For example, if you have light coloured kitchen cabinets, dark coloured granite benches will look fantastic.

Once you have decided on the colour of the granite you would like to use in your home or property, you will need to go back to the supplier with a clear idea of how much you will need in mind. Ask the supplier to pull out a few slabs of granite in the one colour so that you can check whether there are any variations in the hue or grain, as you will (quite often) need more then one slab to complete your project. If you are completing a granite project outside, like a patio or pathway, slight differences in colour and grain are not as bad, as they are less likely to be noticed.

With such a wide range in granite colours available, it is no wonder that it is a highly popular and versatile stone. By carefully choosing the colour that you would like to use for your granite project, you can ensure that you have no regrets in the future and that your stone looks fantastic for years to come.


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