How to Become an Entrepreneur – Top 10 Tips That Will Help You Beat the Odds of Failure and Succeed

I will here show you 10 great tips on how to become an entrepreneur that I have gathered through reading and listening to great entrepreneurs.

There are a lot to learn. You will always hear about people succeeding in business that have skipped school/university but they haven’t stopped learning. The difference is that as an entrepreneur you have to learn to succeed. If you stop, others will beat you down hard, and you could lose it all. Don’t let that happen to you and read the list, follow it and study each bullet point, get a book about it.

But remember, the most important in any business is sales, so get good at selling and marketing and the rest can be managed by other smart people you can hire.

1. You need to find a deep need in the marketplace, not just a surface need.

2. Then you go out and find a solution to that need.

3. Are there a solution in the marketplace already? Can you improve it, or make a better solution or price it better?

4. Don’t stop studying, read and get all the information about your marketplace that is available to you.

5. Get smart and bright people around you. Become friends with them or hire them in your company.

6. Are you a great manager? If not, hire a manager.

7. Sometimes you have to take a big risk in order for your business to succeed. If not you could fail before trying.

8. Change is something you have to embrace. Change according to your industry or what your customers needs are.

9. Build your business network before, while you are in business and after. You never know when you could need some help or solution that some of these people know about.

10. Always listen to others if they are more successful than you. Be mentored by them and listen to their advice. Being coachable is something you have to learn, your way isn’t always the best way.

This is a short list of what you need in place to become a successful entrepreneur. There are many parts of becoming one, and especially a successful one. Over 90 percent of businesses fail within their first 10 years. The odds are against you, so if you follow the steps above the odds are more with you than if you don’t. Good luck with your startup!