How a Knock-Out Logo Design Company Can Help Your Business Look Good

Are you aware of the importance of company logos? Think about several of these powerful companies, and the way their logos have influenced their business. The logos symbolize the company.

Branding is today’s new buzzword. A message that is immediately recognized in any language that lets people know precisely who you are! If there were no golden arches, where would McDonald’s be? The Golden arch is probably the most well known logo worldwide. 1953 was when the introduction of the arches took place. The logo has become somewhat different through time, but this logo is still recognizable because of the arches. The logo’s progression can be viewed at the logoblink homepage.

Were you aware that although Coca Kola’s bottle design has been altered a few times through the years, the logo for Coca Kola has stayed the same from the beginning.
In 1886 it was created by pharmacist Dr. John Pimberton and currently, the logo for Coca Kola is known all over the world. Believing that double C’s would look nice in advertising, Dr. Pimberton’s record keeper and co-worker, Frank M. Robinson thought of the name, wrote the currently famous Coca Kola in his unique print, and it is still used nowadays!

The logo for Nike represents athletics and sports. A Greek goddess’s wing is suggested by the logo. Carolyn Davidson, a graphic arts student at Portland State University designed the logo in 1971. Just perfect! The swoosh is another name for Nike’s logo. Worn and sold by the Air Jordan line, many famous athletes such as Tiger Woods, Le Bron James, Andre Agassi, as well as Venus and Serena Williams have personally endorsed the brand.

The Google logo is referred to as the doodle. It is recognizable and one of the most popular website destinations on the web. Using a Catull typeface, and based upon a word mark, it is created by Ruth Kedar. Although the logo is plain, it looks good and is easily remembered. Google plays with its logo and is continuously changing it in various ways. It is always current and interacts with site users. For example, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac Man, it offered the Pac Man game over the Google letters. It even sponsored a contest for students around the world to re-design the logo artistically. Google is well aware that its logo is a hit!

A good logo creation will help your business get noticed! It is vital in the global market, and logos are as important to companies as flags are to countries. This shows your image to the world. Your logo is your name. It is your brand’s representation, and people immediately recognize it.