Herbalife – A Review

Whether you are looking at the network marketing company Herbalife as an opportunity or you already are involved, there can be several questions that haven’t yet been answered and it is no secret that many people struggle with some kind of skepticism when it comes to network marketing. But is Herbalife just a scam or is it really a good opportunity?

The network marketing company Herbalife was founded back in 1980 by Mark Hughes who wanted to find a safe and natural way to loose weight after losing his mother to a weight loss product. This was how Herbalife began and it is now the biggest company when it comes to Health and wellness.

In this article I will give you an overview of the pros and the cons, and you will have to make a decision yourself whether Herbalife is for you.

To take a look at the pros – first of all health and wellness is what people want. We want to loose weight, look good and stay young as long as possible and that is exactly what Herbalife provides – nutritional supplements and weight loss products. Lots of people use these products and won’t do without. Also the company is publicly traded and that is always a good sign when looking at network marketing companies.

And to the cons – like every other network marketing company, the methods and techniques they are teaching their distributors is not making everybody successful. Also the distributors are told to lead with the opportunity and then later introduce the products. The outcome of this is not good. Why? Well, first of all, if you are new in this business and you are leading with the opportunity, your prospects will at some point ask you how much money you are making. But how much are you really making when you have just signed up yourself? Not much, right? And the prospect will therefore tell you to come back when you are making money. Of course you can lie and say that you are making lots of money, but they will soon see that you are lying and the credibility is gone.

Second of all, if people are told that they can make lots of money, and nothing happens the first couple of months, they will quit – your downline will therefore just be full of people signing up and quitting. That won’t get you anywhere, your business will not grow and you will not experience the success you want.

Like any other network marketing company Herbalife encourage you to pester your friends, family and every other person you know. Well, that is not the right way to go, and you will soon experience rejection and scepticism like never before, and you will most likely not ever Lavorare con herbalife achieve any success with Herbalife.

But, truth is that you can experience success and make lots of money marketing health and wellness. You just have to know how to do it, and Herbalife is not going to be the one who teaches you what to do. You have to turn elsewhere to learn which effective marketing tools and techniques you must use. Herbalife is not a scam, but your success will be determined by the effort and the skill set you posses.

If you are ready to learn how to become a great marketer and you are passionate about the products that Herbalife provides, go for it! But if not, just use their products to loose a few pounds. You need to know that it takes time and hard work to grow a huge downline and achieve success, and success will not just come to you if you find two new distributors who then find each two and so on.

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