Getting to Know Direct Sales Companies

Direct selling is a hauntingly vibrant and effective expansion of distribution channels for products and services worldwide. In fact, if you look at the top toiletry businesses according to profit, two of those who belong to the top ten expanded through direct selling. Also, in many developing nations, direct selling is a burden-free method of selling AND buying for products and services. That is why direct sales companies succeed even in poor nations.


The WFDSA(World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) was founded in 1978. It was a non-governmental organization which represents the direct selling industry to the world. When WFDSA was created, there was a clear demarcation of direct sales companies which are deemed “legitimate” and those which are not. Moreover, the WFDSA also facilitated the making of a World Codes of Conduct for Direct Selling as ethical conduct in direct selling is often bypassed by small companies. All direct sales companies should follow these codes as a condition of membership in their respective national DSA. An example includes ensuring that the companies do not mislead the customer through false promises in their brochures and banning any form of pyramiding operations. The operations of the direct sales companies are routinely monitored by an independent code administrator.

Currently, there are over 58 national DSAs represented in its membership, and in 2007, the estimated retail sales by its members reached more than US $111Billion globally. This sales figure came from more than 67 million independent sales representatives worldwide. Top lucrative direct sales companies are those which expand more rapidly than an internet virus.


Direct selling, in its truest sense, is a form of selling that doesn’t include a “middle man” or any establishment intervention (mall and shop distributions). It gives the sales man a “direct” chance to “directly” present his/her company’s products to the prospect buyers. Direct sales companies are usually those which sell high-involvement products like insurance, educational plans, and top-of-the-line cosmetics. They don’t just sell products but value.

Direct selling is beneficial to individuals who want to start a business of their own while having a very small capital. Most of the direct sales companies just require a small amount of purchase from their company as a “starting kit” for you to acquire membership and legitimacy in selling their products. In fact, some of these companies don’t even require purchase! They just need you to fill out some application forms and pay a very small amount for an ID. And there you go. You can market their products and get as much as 50{cab19ad47a04457a33f1142c065ddf840a097fdd0e7408211ca1f6540bc7ad18} profit from them.

Also, direct selling is an alternative to consumers who like to avail of other shopping alternative centers (admit it, department stores get boring after some years of living in the same area and going to the same malls). Direct selling is coupled with the feeling of exclusivity to the consumer, as the products sold are presented to him/her personally. Usually, this kind of selling also includes a very light paying scheme (e.g. one-month-to-pay).

Moreover, it offers an alternative to conventional employment to those who want to have flexible time and a flexible earning opportunity. When you are starting in this business, it will be good for you if you are not that prone to 8-hour commitments such as a regular job. Full-time direct sales agents only become full-time once they become very successful with direct selling.

As you can see, it’s very easy but it requires hard work. Profit turnover doesn’t come over night, or over a fort night. What is important is that you are assertive, dynamic and flexible to the times. Moreover, the basics of personal management are highly advised when you are in this kind of industry. Direct sales companies do not help you first-hand anymore. They just facilitate your success but you trod through it yourself.