Financial District – The Business Heart of San Francisco

As the central business district of San Francisco, the Financial District is quite literally packed with corporations and other businesses. Dominated by high rise towers the entire area is quite imposing in its appearance. Institutions that can be found here include law firms, corporate headquarters, banks and other financial institutions. A score of noteworthy buildings are located here including the corporate headquarters of Wells Fargo Bank, VISA, Union Bank of California and the United States Federal Reserve.

While there is a strong emphasis on the business world, this destination still has certain elements to offer the leisure traveler as well. A trip to the traditional heart of the district, Montgomery Street will yield a variety of malls that are perfect for shoppers.

Malls that can be found here include the Ferry Building, Crocker Gallery and the Embarcadero which collectively offer an incredible range of items that is sure to satisfy even the most ardent of shoppers. Additionally a host of events take place across the malls that mark special occasions and usually feature discounts and other promotions.

Visitors will also find parks in the area that help break up the highly urbanized nature of this destination. Parks are perfect for taking a relaxing stroll.

A notable structure located here is the San Francisco Ferry building which serves a terminal for ferries traversing the bay. One of the most striking features of the structure is the immense clock tower that dominates the entire exterior view of the building. Upon taking in the view visitors can then embark on a ride amidst clear waters of the San Francisco Bay.

Numerous San Francisco hotels are located near the Financial District making residing in one an ideal choice especially those travelling on business. The hotels San Francisco on offer caters to a variety of different needs and requirements ensuring all travelers of finding an option suited to their needs.