Dollar and Yen Rising Up As Indian Rupee and Euro Fall Flat

As the dollar and yen are soaring high, the other currencies are facing a huge depletion in their fund value. Money market news depicts this vulnerable situation as a loosely handled economic affair which has been affecting the world economy in a destructive manner. According to India money market news and Finance News India as well, dollar has emerged as the sole winner amongst all the major currencies including Indian rupee. This global financial crisis has left the corporate heads, investors, share holders and many other business entities completely shunned.

Necessary monetary and fiscal steps to protect economic growth seem to be the need and demand of the hour. As the stock exchange has suffered huge blows in fund values, various steps to cut down on monetary levels are being processed and worked upon. Cost cutting, restructuring of the employees, financial deductions and what not, almost all measures have been well decided upon by the global industry majors.

According to the stock exchange experts and renowned economists, funds investing in India is still a better deal as certain industrial arenas in Indian markets are showing up hyped profits as a result of which, Indian investors are sighing with relief. So much so that demands from overseas seeking help from Indian economy has been surging day by day. Belgium as well as the European Union has come up demanding support from India to fight and at the same time resolve the ongoing financial crisis by carving out a fine, stable and an altogether new global financial architecture.

As India money market and Finance news have pointed out, the sheer need of the moment is to create a functional and equitable financial structure. Finance experts have invented the techniques of dealing with the financial crisis and have suggested reviewing the lending rates and cost cutting at the same time. Private sector and foreign banks operating in India have pontificated to the same.

As the lending rates will undergo revision, the Finance news India have suggested that housing, personal and corporate loans in India are now set to be placed on lower rates and will surely get cheaper as the bankers are pressurized under the ‘do or die’ situation of financial disgrace. Other steps towards cost cutting that have lately come up are downsizing the employee section of well reputed companies and restructuring of the economies simultaneously in tandem. This does lead to unemployment and hampers the growth of the nation as well but not as effectively as the international economic crisis does.

As pontificated by a report on the Finance News India, the country is likely to come across zero or minimum inflation the nearing future, i.e. in 2009. And this is not just a prediction but a wise and well reasoned point owing to the economic breakdown and depleting commodity prices. This inflation will see reduced price ranges in the coming days, especially the base metal prices, various chemicals, fertilizers, etc. in the similar manner and in accordance with the inflation; deflation along with recession will form a vital deciding part of numerous industrial economies, as reported by Finance News India.