Disadvantages of Using Google Places for a Business

While there are many businesses gaining from the introduction of Google Places, there are many others that are seeing the downsides. Unfortunately, like anything, there are disadvantages to using this option for your company.

Harder to Manage Credibility

Google Places also allows customers to leave reviews about a company. The customers can say anything that they wish and rate them how they see fit. This is extremely beneficial for other customers but not for the companies.

The problem with a space like this for reviews is that the companies are not able to manage them and remove the negative comments, which is something that they will be able to do on their own website. At the same time, they will not be able to contact the customer to find out what the problem was or whether it can be fixed.

Harder to Reach Globally

Because there is a location added to the page, it makes it much harder to reach out globally, which is a problem if your website offers a store or you offer your services via email communication. A local SEO search will harm a business’ chances of showing up in a global SEO search.

This is also a problem for those small businesses or sole traders who work from a home and not an office. Having the home address details will damage chances of reaching globally as well as affect privacy. While putting a location aids with showing you are human, there are times that it can be dangerous and damaging.

People Won’t Check the Website

There have been fears that the use of Google Places will mean that there is no need for a small business to have a website. People will find the address and phone number on the landing page and will not go on to check out a website for more information.

This will harm a business if there are problems with the landing page at any point. It will also prevent the chances of selling more on your online store since people will not bother to check out your website. This disadvantage, however, is questionable since people do prefer websites to find out more about a company.

There are downsides to everything and it is always worth to check out the advantages of using Google Places. This way, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about all marketing options for your company.