Branding and Advertising With Reclosable Plastic Bags

Many people are beginning to take advantage of the wonderful branding and advertising opportunities that are available through advertising on reclosable bags. With the current trend toward recycling plastic bags, and the many different types of reclosable, reusable bags now being manufactured, smart companies and corporations are providing reclosable bags complete with their company logo and product information included, when they sell products.

Realizing that people are likely to hang onto reclosable plastic bags, many companies are taking advantage of this fact by packaging their products, goods and instruction and service manuals in these types of bags. People are generally much more reluctant to throw away a sturdy reclosable bag than they would a simple plastic bag, thus your company information, logo or whatever you have printed on the bag will be seen over and over again.

If you would like to advertise your company via a clear plastic bag there are some things that are important to note. For one, the print needs to be bold and legible, and whatever the most important message you want to get across to people should be easily read from a distance. Generally, it is best to print in a bold color with a font that is easy on the eyes. People will not stop to try to decipher text, so use a standard font.

You should also try to have your company information printed on both sides of the plastic bag as you are never sure which side is going to be face up and seen by others. You also do not know which side will be showing when the bag is carried thus it pays to advertise on both sides of the bag. Whether you choose to place text on one side of the bag or both sides of the bag will not increase your printing costs that much, yet you will have effectively doubled your branding power.

If you are going to go to the trouble of advertising on reclosable bags, make sure that the quality of the plastic used to produce the bag is high, that the zipper closes well and that overall the bag is well made. People remember these types of things, and if you prove that you are willing to pay for your advertising in this way, you will win the regard of your customers. Shoddy work, even in packaging, turns customers away.

In short, you really have nothing to lose by branding and advertising via reclosable bags. If you are not doing it already, try it. It is just one more way to get your name and your company out in public.