A Tim Sales Review You Have to Read

Who Is Tim Sales?

Tim Sales is a leading network marketing trainer in the the industry and has been able to grow a downline of more than 50,000 distributors. Throughout the years, Tim has created effective and rather unique training programs to help new distributors experience success within their own company. Tim is currently nonactive in the industry and dedicates his time designing new products that help marketers. Before Tim’s entrance into network marketing he worked for the United States Navy and was part of an explosive ordnance disposal team. Tim credits much of his professionalism and high standards to his work with the military. From someone who has served in the Navy, I can honestly tell you that the serving creates a great foundation for leadership and self discipline.

Do Tim’s Products Actually Work?

Out of the hundred of self proclaimed ‘gurus,’ Mr. Sales is one of the most highly sought after and respected trainers in the entire industry. Tim Sales’ products all provide you with the resources you need to succeed in network marketing. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen a negative comment or remark about Tim Sales throughout my research. The way Tim’s products will fail you is if you do not follow his directions. It is quite obvious that this man is successful for a reason and all you have to do is implement what he teaches in your own business. You may have heard of some of Tim’s most popular products including Brilliant Compensation, Professional Inviter and his Inviting Scripts. Overall, I would say that most of his products are worth the price and are not that out of reach for most people.

A Personal Recommendation You Should Listen To

Just because Tim Sales offers all these products, does not mean I can give them all my approval. For example, there are MLM leads that you can purchase from one of his networks that are basically just home business opportunity leads. These ‘opportunity leads’ are not specifically inquiring about your company or what you offer and are not any better compared to leads you purchase from another lead generation companies. I recommend that you NEVER buy leads for your business. In order to build a team of quality people and leaders you need to generate your own leads. This takes us to my next point.

What Is Really Your Key To Success In Network Marketing?

If you haven’t realized this yet, you will be surprised when I tell you. The key to success is marketing. There are millions of people who want what you have to offer. It’s just a matter of you getting your message in front of all of these people. This is where good marketing comes in. You not only must become a great marketer, but you must also learn how to build relationships with people. This industry is really all about forming and sustaining relationships with the people you talk to. The one aspect that separates the top income earners from the rookies is that top earners know exactly how to market and make connections with people. Tim Sales’ training and products will tell you, if you actually connect with people and form that relationship you are going to have more success than the person who doesn’t. To wrap this up, I give Tim Sales my stamp of approval and support him all the way.