5 Things to Consider Before Finding a Logo Design Service

Your logo is a major element of your business identity. It is the first thing that a potential customer sees, and thus it makes the all important first impression. Creating a great logo is a crucial responsibility of a graphic design service. Designers are professionally trained in creating simple, yet outstanding concepts that appeal to expressions about a product or service. A good designer will be aware of what colors and styles work best in a particular industry and how to design something unique upon your specified instructions.

Before setting out to have your logo designed, here are 5 basic things to consider:

1. What type of image are you going for? Do you want a descriptive logo with images or just a play on words?

2. What basic color would you like to use to represent your business? Will it fit in with your color scheme that is already in place on your web site or in your business correspondence?

3. What is the most important feature of your business that you would quickly like to convey? Is it a product or a service?

4. Do you want a complex or simple logo design? Large corporations like Nike or Target do well with simple, but a new small business might need more to make it memorable since it won’t have the huge exposure that the big guys can afford.

5. Do you want your business name to be part of your logo? Small businesses may find this feature more important because of their need for exposure without the capital for large scale advertising services.