5 Essential Google Products For Every Small Business

So what Google products should you be using for your small business? Here’s my top 5 below:

1. Google Search OK, let’s start off with an obvious one. The organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the biggest single source of traffic to almost every website. Around 70{cab19ad47a04457a33f1142c065ddf840a097fdd0e7408211ca1f6540bc7ad18} of people who search on Google click on the organic results on the left hand side. Those businesses that effectively build a website and optimize it for the organic SERPs will see their website boosted up the SERPs for searches that are relevant to their business. They receive qualified traffic to their website. And qualified traffic means new customers, new leads, and new business.

2. Google AdWords Another obvious one this: Google AdWords are the sponsored links that display on the right hand side of the SERPs. Around 30{cab19ad47a04457a33f1142c065ddf840a097fdd0e7408211ca1f6540bc7ad18} of Google users click on these, so they can deliver large quantities of relevant visitors to your website. The other advantage of AdWords over the organic results is that as an advertiser you have absolute control over which searches you appear for, what your advert looks like, how many clicks you get, and how much it all costs. And unlike the organic SERPs you can switch it on and off whenever you like.

3. Google local business center Thanks to some clever tricks with a postcode lookup and the yellow pages, Google can display a ‘local business listing’ for every business in the world. A local business listing is just a simple web page with your business name, address, and contact details. As a business owner, you can choose to add a bit of product information, and also discount vouchers to encourage people to get in touch. Even if you decide to make your own website, Google local business listings appear in the SERPs and can drive high numbers of potential customers to you: take control of yours today.

4. Google maps Its not widely appreciated but there are so many searches on Google Maps that on its own it would be the 3rd biggest search engine, behind Google and Google images. Google maps are a great opportunity for the small business. You can make your business appear for location searches in your area by taking control of your local business listing. To add a bit of colour, add some relevant local photos; these will combine to make sure that when people search Google Maps in your area, your business will always stand out.

5. Google analytics Google analytics is one of the best – and easiest to use – web analytics tools in the world. It’s freely available any website owner – you don’t need to spend any money with Google. Google analytics can tell you essential information such as how many people are on your website; how people are finding your website; what pages they are looking at once they are there; how long they are staying; what they are buying; and which pages make them leave. This is vital data that you help you: expand on your marketing that brings good quality traffic; add additional products that you know people are looking for; reduce stock on unpopular items; and get rid of pages that cause your visitors to leave. When you’re learning how to make a website, be sure to find out about Google analytics.

To sum up, Google is so much more than a search engine. If you’re a small business owner it has a whole bag full of products that can help you find new customers, save money, save time and cut down on effort. Any small business taking full advantage of these will be the one who climbs above those businesses around them. Start taking advantage of Google today.